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Feb 25 13

Fashion Tips: Tips when going to an interview

by Daphne

In the United Kingdom, about 37% of employers declined to hire applicants because of what they are wearing. If you have researched about your employer, thought hard about your strengths, weaknesses, and achievements, you may want to think about what you want to wear.

Smart Casual

Dress codes nowadays are a bit more flexible. More often, employers encourage their employees to wear something smart-casual instead of the going for a suit. This somehow allows you to reveal some of your personality while looking professional.

Start with the basics. Smart is part of the name of the get up so you do not want to look sloppy. Some essentials include a nice pair of boot-cut, black trousers. You can dress it up a bit with a nice shirt, scarf, or relax a bit with a cardigan or a T-shirt.

The white shirt is another necessity. Being plain does not have to be boring but it will all depend on the cut. You may want to go for starched cotton for a super-smart look or silky ones to be ultra feminine.


If you need to have an ultra-smart get up, you may need to invest on a suit. Choose the fabric well since you want something that can last for quite some time. Suits made of wools with a bit of stretch will work great.


When going to an interview, your accessories will tell your employer a lot about your personality. You can go for a pendant necklace if you want to look a bit taller or you can also go for bright beads against a neat, white shirt. A nice tote bag will also carry everything that you need. You can just use a folder if you have some papers to bring with you.

For shoes, go for something comfortable especially if you have to take the train or bus.

Dec 5 12

Style Tips: How to shop for clothes that flatter your body

by Daphne

clothing-tipsYou may be wondering how the stars always look great on cam or whenever they are outside and seen by everyone. They get their top tips from celebrity stylists. We want you to feel like a celebrity in your own right and share some of the best tips so you can get the right clothes that flatter your body:

Get the right fit

Bigger clothes will even make you bigger. Clothes that fit right show the right curves and bumps where they should be. If an item does not fit right, you can always have it altered. An excellent tailor can make you a lot better for just a few bucks.

Dark colors on your unflattering areas

You have the nice long and shapely legs but you want your body to look slimmer. So attract the eyes to your legs with a bright pair of pants and wear something dark on top.

No to boxy shapes

Boxy shapes create an illusion of making your body wider. You want to have that vertical magic and make you look longer. In order to do this, say no to crop tops and instead choose tops that rests around your hips.

Great jeans are crucial

Every girl needs her excellent pair of denim. Although skinny jeans are in, they do not always make girls look slim. Invest on a great slight boot-cut pair in dark wash shade. If you really want to go for skinny jeans but you are on a bigger scale, then go for the straight skinny jeans.

Highlight the assets

You need to put the spotlight on your wow factors. If you have an hourglass shaped body, then get clothes that will highlight your hips. If your legs are worth millions, then get a pair of jeans that can lengthen them.

Jul 6 12

Manicure colors depending on your horoscope

by Daphne

nail-polishIf you religiously follow your signs, here are some of the nail polish colors that will fit your horoscope:


Go for the bright colors. Go for neon! The giant Jupiter guides your fame house and lights it up for expanding your horizons. Make use of cheery yellow polish and have that fuel your bright outlook and strong spirit.


This sign calls for luster. Go for silver! Color your nails like the color of the sea shell. Let the true you come out with a splash of this color.


Feel like a royal and give your nails a hue of purple. It is an imperial shade that departs from your usual red color.


Green for lush abundance. The stars say that you will be doing well in terms of finance. Celebrate with this and the cash might have that green light to come into your bank account.


You need colors representing the burning sun. Orange to fire up all your initiatives.


There is a broad spectrum of gray with around 500 hues of this recognizable by the human eye. Be proud. Be loud.


The lion should show strength with bronze nail polish. This color represents your durability and inventiveness.


Feel like a fireball with red. This hue of blood is perfect for your go for it drive.


Your stars call for subtlety. Nude nails for an understatement that means elegance, refinement, and chic.


Reveal your soft side with a shade of pink. Show your kindness and do not be afraid since this will not be seen as a sign of weakness.


Your nails should be black. Be edgy and evoke some mystery.


Azure just like the sea. Deep waters just like your emotions spilling over. Remember to keep an open heart.

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Mar 26 12

Haute Couture: The best of spring fashion

by Daphne

Every fashionista waits for the collections of couture every season and we all have our own reasons. We all appreciate the imagination that comes with the process, the intricate details, and the beauty looks that we are not so used to. Here are some of the best but could be weird looks for this spring:

Hair Foliage











On the RTW runways of the spring collections, countoured blush ruled the show and this was carried over to the couture segment. Here’s is a good sampler from Bouchra Jarrar, Alexandre Vauthier, and Elie Saab.

Matched makeup











You just cannot take off your eyes of the weird piercings so you will really miss the details of the makeup and the hair. Givenchy just showcased huge, as in really huge nose rings for this one.

Hair on a windy day











These are just perfect. The Christian Dior faux bobs were purely lovely.

Striking eyes











A zillion take on the looks of the late Amy Winehouse and we believe Jean Paul Gaultier and Andrek Pejic did an excellent job. Perfection!

Dec 21 11

Beauty tips: Reinventing the red lips

by Daphne

If the eyes talk, the red lips know how to make a statement. Here are some red lip tips for this season:

Dip dyed red lips

With this look you want to achieve a gradient effect. You can do this by lining and filling the lips with deep red pencil and using a brush to apply lipstick in deep burgundy to the entire pout. You then have to use a true red shade lipstick for the center of the lips. Complete the look with some gloss which will also help blending the tones.

Kissed off red lips

This is a very sexy way to do, appearing as if you are just fresh from some lip locking and flirting action. You can get this look using a lipstick in red wine hue and then fading it out using your fingertips. This will lead to an effortless sensuous look just like after some kissing. This is also ideal for women who are not very comfortable of cosmetics on their lips or who just cannot get used to lipstick.

Scarlet Sparkle red lips

Like other things, lips look great when they come with some glitter. If you want this shimmery lip, you need to line the lips with some deep red lip liner and then fill it up with lipstick in cherry red. Then dab some red glitter on the center of the pout going outwards. Seal everything up with a lip gloss to add some shine.

Two-tone red lips

Every soul in the room will talk about you after seeing your two-tone lips. You just need to pick two similar shades like a cool red lipstick paired with bright fuchsia. Swipe the dark lipstick on your lower lip and then use the brighter one on the upper lip. Make sure that the tones do not blotch into one another to keep the look clean. Put some transparent powder after filling up the lips to finish the look.

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Aug 19 11

Top 7 most recent and most ridiculously expensive beauty treatments

by Stephanie

Here’s a list of the most recent and most ridiculously expensive beauty treatments we’ve heard of:

$50,000 Iced Manicure

This affluent manicure uses real diamonds worth 10 carats and is offered only by Cherish…Me, a luxury brand based in London. Once your nails grow, Cherish…Me will make you a jewelry out of the diamonds.

Mila Kunis’ $7,000 Facial

Mila Kunis went for Scott-Vincent Borba’s HD Diamond and Ruby Peel worth $7,000 facial. Antioxidant-rich rubies and diamonds are first rubbed onto the skin and then a so-called “paraffin silk fiber facial” is done.

Gold Facial at $400

For 90 minutes, beauty experts will coat your entire face with gold flakes worth 24 karats. This procedure claims to have lightening and hydrating benefits.

$32,000 Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation

Look for Leighton Denny at Urban Retreat in London and get the $32,000 manicure which uses real diamonds, sapphires, and rubies.

$300 Snakeskin Manicure

A spa in Monterey, California offers real snakeskin pedicure at $300. The snake skin are cut into small pieces the size of human nails and then covered with gel for it to set and last for almost 12 weeks.

Evian Experience

In 2005, you can soak in a 350 gallon tub filled with Evian water and gerber daisies at the Victor Hotel’s V Spa at $5,000. However, since the recession, the hotel said they don’t offer this treatment anymore.

The $600++ Haircut

It’s a fad that just won’t go away. A permanent luxury for something that grows out so fast you need another one in a month’s time. Stylists like Sally Hershberger, John Barrett, Orlando Pita, and Frederic Fekkai actually charge this much.

Apr 11 11

Birthstone Jewelry: An Amazing Christmas Gift Idea

by Daphne

There are lots of things that you can get a loved one for Christmas but jewelry is one of the most popular. However you can make the gift of jewelry even more popular by making it more personal for the person that you are buying it for. One way that you can do that is to choose a piece that includes the person’s birthstone. However you can make this even more personal by having the jewelry hand engraved so that it includes the names of loved ones on it.

read more…

Jan 20 11

5 Makeup secrets that may come handy

by Stephanie

There are certain tricks you can do to make sure you look as if you have just stepped out of a salon. Here are some tips that you can use.

Celebrity Magic

Do you ever wonder how your favourite actress maintains her red carpet perfect beauty even after a long day. Celebrity makeup artists put stain to their lips and cheeks before covering them with some foundation. So when their makeup wears off after hours of socializing and after an event, the lips and cheeks are still glowing underneath.


Here’s a rule of thumb you can use when choosing your concealer. Darker olive skinned should go for apricot or peachy concealers. Yellowish skins can go for shades of pink or lilac. Reddish compexions should go for corrective sticks of green.

Fresh Face

Avoid applying powder every time you freshen up. Do not follow this tip and you might end up looking cakey. Remove excess moisture by using blot papers.


If you want to have a better facial contour to reveal those lovely cheekbones, apply some highlighting powder after putting bronzer or blush on your face.  Put some powder above and below the color you have put. This will really have a great effect on your face.

Bronzed Beauty

If you want to have that brown shade on you, magically bake it with some bronzing powder on your chin, nose, cheeks, and forehead. Choose a powder that has a light reflective property to have that airbrushed glow. Remember though not to go too dark.

Jan 5 11

What Are Gel Nails?

by Daphne

Gel nails are just another kind of artificial nails, but they look a lot like one’s natural nails. The similarity between both gel nails and acrylic nails is what they are made of. Both of them consist of a liquid that is a monomer and a polymer powder. The two ingredients interact with one another and result in long strands of polymer. When the long strands completely dry it will result in a resin that is extremely hard and durable, which is visually similar to that of a natural fingernail. The difference between gel nails and acrylic nails is that gel nails provide individuals with a higher amount of flexibility due to the additional presence of short chained monomers within the compound that is used to create this type of nail.

Gel NailsIndividuals can choose between two different types of gel nails to get. The first choice is a light cured gel nail and the second choice is gel nails that are no-light. More info on these two different forms of gel nails can be found at US Nail Salon Directory.

Gel nails that are light cured are applied by using a gel that has already been pre-mixed. The way the gel will be placed onto a customer will be based on the customer’s preferences. They can choose to have the gel nails shaped in a curve form, squared, or even straight. Nail technicians will harden an individual’s light cured gel nails using ultra-violet light for exactly two minutes. After the gel has completely hardened, the technician will use a file to rid the hands of any areas in which the gel has spread which may include the cuticles. Once the excess gel has been removed from the hands sealer will be placed on the nails to provide them with a shiny and smooth appearance. The last step is to add nail polish over the entire nails or just the tips of them for a French manicure.

Nails that consist of no-light gel are produced by adding gel directly to the nails. This type of gel nail does not use light in order to dry them instead activator is placed on the nail either by brushing it on or spraying it on. Another approach that can be used in order to dry this type of gel nail is by dipping the nails into water. With no-light gel individuals can request that two coats of the gel be applied to their nails due to them being subject to a lot of items that will wear them down.

Both types of the gel nails can help individuals strengthen their natural nails which may be weak or they can give their nails a longer appearance. Some individuals feel that gel nails have a more natural appearance and are shinier because they can be applied with a thinner layer than what one can get when using acrylic nails. The fact that gel nails can be applied in thinner layers than acrylic nails also means that women can go longer without having to fill them in. Another advantage of using gel nails is that the application does not cause individuals to have to deal with strong chemical smells. This makes gel nails safe for woman who are pregnant.

Jun 2 10

Tips for dressing up in style and breezing through airport security checks

by Nicole

Going through a long weekend or flying in for a fashion week may just give you a picture of long lines for security checks at international airports,  but you may also be lucky enough to witness a bottleneck of supermodels in the airport queues.

We can actually pick up a few lessons from supermodels like Lily Aldridge, Jessica Stam,

and Karolina Kurkova who comes prepared for the plastic bins at the airport where they were spotted a few days before the Parish Fashion Week. Believe it or not, all girls were done with the checks in a few minutes.

Karolina had no problems getting rid of her Givenchy. Jessica took off her Rag & Bone in a blink of an eye. Lily slid her feet out of her biker boots by Proenza Schouer in a snap. The girls were stylishly simple with their jackets by Rick Owens and their black jeans. The supermodels who fly frequently are perfect examples for us who must remember how to be looking good and how to be snappy practical when you dress up when you are airport bound.

Here are some practical tips you might find useful:

  • Avoid footwear with a lot of buckles or else people behind you will not be so pleased. (I had a rough time with my sandals by Ann Demeulemeesters with over 20 buckles)
  • Don’t wear any intricately designed jewelries or accessories which you think will cause any delay ( don’t don bracelets with multiple metals, or the likes of spikes by Eddie Borgo, or the mini sword accents by Pamela Love)
  • Leave the keys that you don’t need at home and yes, bib necklaces are not in anymore
  • Be simple but in style. Try The Row’s wide-leg pants paired with an Isabel Marant and a tailored jacket from Chanel.  Flats from Christian Laboutin will guarantee the comfort you want while traveling.
  • Don’t forget your black jeans, Rick Owens jackets, and your slip on shoes.