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What Are Gel Nails?

by Daphne on January 5th, 2011

Gel nails are just another kind of artificial nails, but they look a lot like one’s natural nails. The similarity between both gel nails and acrylic nails is what they are made of. Both of them consist of a liquid that is a monomer and a polymer powder. The two ingredients interact with one another and result in long strands of polymer. When the long strands completely dry it will result in a resin that is extremely hard and durable, which is visually similar to that of a natural fingernail. The difference between gel nails and acrylic nails is that gel nails provide individuals with a higher amount of flexibility due to the additional presence of short chained monomers within the compound that is used to create this type of nail.

Gel NailsIndividuals can choose between two different types of gel nails to get. The first choice is a light cured gel nail and the second choice is gel nails that are no-light. More info on these two different forms of gel nails can be found at US Nail Salon Directory.

Gel nails that are light cured are applied by using a gel that has already been pre-mixed. The way the gel will be placed onto a customer will be based on the customer’s preferences. They can choose to have the gel nails shaped in a curve form, squared, or even straight. Nail technicians will harden an individual’s light cured gel nails using ultra-violet light for exactly two minutes. After the gel has completely hardened, the technician will use a file to rid the hands of any areas in which the gel has spread which may include the cuticles. Once the excess gel has been removed from the hands sealer will be placed on the nails to provide them with a shiny and smooth appearance. The last step is to add nail polish over the entire nails or just the tips of them for a French manicure.

Nails that consist of no-light gel are produced by adding gel directly to the nails. This type of gel nail does not use light in order to dry them instead activator is placed on the nail either by brushing it on or spraying it on. Another approach that can be used in order to dry this type of gel nail is by dipping the nails into water. With no-light gel individuals can request that two coats of the gel be applied to their nails due to them being subject to a lot of items that will wear them down.

Both types of the gel nails can help individuals strengthen their natural nails which may be weak or they can give their nails a longer appearance. Some individuals feel that gel nails have a more natural appearance and are shinier because they can be applied with a thinner layer than what one can get when using acrylic nails. The fact that gel nails can be applied in thinner layers than acrylic nails also means that women can go longer without having to fill them in. Another advantage of using gel nails is that the application does not cause individuals to have to deal with strong chemical smells. This makes gel nails safe for woman who are pregnant.

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  2. i like this idea. i haven’t tried gel nails before, but i do get sick of my nails breaking after i pay alot to have them done. Im gonna ask about these at my nail place ;) thanks

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