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Top 7 most recent and most ridiculously expensive beauty treatments

by Stephanie on August 19th, 2011

Here’s a list of the most recent and most ridiculously expensive beauty treatments we’ve heard of:

$50,000 Iced Manicure

This affluent manicure uses real diamonds worth 10 carats and is offered only by Cherish…Me, a luxury brand based in London. Once your nails grow, Cherish…Me will make you a jewelry out of the diamonds.

Mila Kunis’ $7,000 Facial

Mila Kunis went for Scott-Vincent Borba’s HD Diamond and Ruby Peel worth $7,000 facial. Antioxidant-rich rubies and diamonds are first rubbed onto the skin and then a so-called “paraffin silk fiber facial” is done.

Gold Facial at $400

For 90 minutes, beauty experts will coat your entire face with gold flakes worth 24 karats. This procedure claims to have lightening and hydrating benefits.

$32,000 Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation

Look for Leighton Denny at Urban Retreat in London and get the $32,000 manicure which uses real diamonds, sapphires, and rubies.

$300 Snakeskin Manicure

A spa in Monterey, California offers real snakeskin pedicure at $300. The snake skin are cut into small pieces the size of human nails and then covered with gel for it to set and last for almost 12 weeks.

Evian Experience

In 2005, you can soak in a 350 gallon tub filled with Evian water and gerber daisies at the Victor Hotel’s V Spa at $5,000. However, since the recession, the hotel said they don’t offer this treatment anymore.

The $600++ Haircut

It’s a fad that just won’t go away. A permanent luxury for something that grows out so fast you need another one in a month’s time. Stylists like Sally Hershberger, John Barrett, Orlando Pita, and Frederic Fekkai actually charge this much.

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  1. Snakeskin Manicure??… this is really crazy..why on earth I would pay 300 USD for that:))

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