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Premier Designs Jewelry?

by Daphne on May 23rd, 2007

Am I missing something important here? I had never ever heard of the Premier Designs jewelry company until today, when one of our readers posted a comment on a previous article about Lia Sophia. Does anyone have more information about this, other than that they have a pretty small website located at

*there used to be a picture here, but Premier Designs asked me to take it down. Is there ANYONE who can send me some copyright free Premier Designs Jewelry photos? If so: thanks in advance!
Apparently they’ve been around in the US for over 22 years… Anyone can enlighten me? And what does the bible have to do with the jewelry? :D ;-)

  1. Last year when I wanted to book shows and unload retired jewelry, I told them that when they book, they can go to my “Limited Edition’ table and pick out their favorite piece to bring to me. I have them put it in a PD plastic baggie with their name on the tag.

    I tell them they will get the piece as their first gift from me at the start of their own show.

    I have a small basket at home with all the bagged ‘pieces’ in it in chronological order according to show. As I go out the door to each show, I go thru the basket and pick out the piece. If they cancel, you don’t lose the jewelry.

    Got rid of lots of retired stuff that way. I realize that some jewelers may feel it’s too expensive to do it this way, but I just really needed to unload. I figured it had already done its work for me. Seeing all that retired jewelry was uninspiring. I felt it really worked for me when I could book a show with the pieces!

  2. Helen – I love your idea of the hostess drawing for 50% off her order! I’m going to start doing that, beginning at my renewal show!

    Anne – I know how you feel, it’s been like pulling teeth to get support from some family and friends. Have you had a mystery hostess show lately? Maybe with a fun summer theme?

  3. Anne – to answer your question, I did one newsletter through Constant Contact but didn’t have any response to it. Suppose it would have helped to do a follow-up call. I’ve decided that calling is the best way to engage people – not always the most fun but the most effective. I’m trying to make a call every time my 4-mo old takes a nap. So, that’s 2-3 calls a day!!

  4. @Lilly – My email is if you wouldn’t mind sending me a copy of your newsletter. Thank you!!

  5. I think newsletters are a great idea! Lots of jewelers use them. At the next training, ask the speakers to have the ladies bring copies of theirs so you can see all the formats.

    I have never done one, but will definitely consider it if the need arises.

    The ones I’ve seen are so cute.

  6. @Kristen – I had my renewal show at the end of March. Is is too soon for a Mystery Hostess party? I can’t invite the same people. They are getting tired of the whole jewelry thing!! I’m trying to think of who I could invite or an audience I could target it to.

  7. Anne;

    I’ve come to the conclusion that when you are feeling low in your PD business, that’s when you need another meeting for training, or call up your PD mom and, if possible, schedule a meeting with her and she will help you.

    She’s probably very busy, too, but I know she would love to help you.

    Or call some other jewelers and make a pact to help each other out when you’re feeling down. Be each other’s cheerleaders.

    This bus. can be emotional b/c so much is tied to our hostess’ whims. I work very hard to hold those hostesses close, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you may still lose a show. But it’s just a show.

    I always remind myself when a show cancels or reschedules that I still have all the lovely jewelery; and my biggest challenge each day is decding what to wear. Women love jewelry and you will find some who would like it for free or half price.

    A pastor once said an ember pulled away from the fire will burn out quickly, but if left in the fire, it will burn a long long time.

  8. Wow, no posts in over 10 days! Is everyone really busy selling jewelry?? LOL I have no shows booked. One potential for the fall :)

  9. Hi, Anne;

    I thought the same thing. Where is everyone? Is this blog over/done/kaput?

  10. I’ve been checking daily, but have no shows booked this month to even share! I do have 3 in August which I’m grateful for, but that’s it. We are in such dire straits with financial issues, that I hope these shows will lead to more! I do plan on purchasing maybe $100 worth of jewelry from the new line, but not sure if I’ll be able to do more. We’ll see. Also, I think a lot of jewelers have switched to facebook since this site takes way too long to post anything. A private Premier group has been created and it’s great! So many jewelers have been sharing their experiences and tips and you can get an answer within minutes! You do need to request to join and they will also confirm that you are a jeweler. Maybe I’ll see you all on facebook!

  11. Not happy about the price increases :(

  12. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! Anne, maybe you can join a group or two to expand your network. I’m thinking of doing the same. For all of you veterans out there – what is the single best tip you can pass on about how to grow your business? Sad to miss rally but can’t wait to see the new jewelry!

  13. P.S. Anne – if you have a chance, check out Liz Sommars’ Jammies presentation – she talks about keeping your calendar full. :)

  14. Well, you all probably can’t book any shows because PD Jewelry is horrific! For the cost of the fake jewelry, you can get the real deal in a normal store. Who wants to pay $40-$70 (if not more) for faux leather, faux turquoise, gold plated, etc…this stuff is just cheap junk marked up beyond belief….and they say they are built on biblical principles?? That’s blasphemous in itself. I can go get the same quality of jewelry for half (if not less) the price of what this junk costs, at any department store. This could be why none of you are booking shows or selling this junk. I feel bad for all the people who get duped into trying to sell this stuff.

  15. Lilly – can you post a link to that facebook page?

  16. Here you go Kristen.!/groups/146816448696891?ap=1

    Well, my August is looking good so far. I have (4) shows booked and two are previous hostesses that had their shows last year and have attended quite a few in the past year. Very thankful for that. With that being said, there are a lot of women out there that love Premier, Cookie Lee, Lia Sophia, Silpada, Avon, Mary Kay, etc. Everyone has their own opinion of each direct selling company and why they love em’ and why they don’t. It’s a shame that someone had to come onto this site where we (independent consultants) like to share ideas, feedback and chat without having to read a negative post like above. If it’s considered junk, then it’s amazing that this company has been around for over 25 years, that it has an A with BBB, that there are over 40,000 jewelers within the U.S. and why they donate millions & millions of dollars to over 64 countries worldwide to various charities and inner-city programs in the U.S. Everyone has their own style and taste. Some love the real stuff, others like high fashion jewelry. I’ve been doing this for over 2 years and I’ve had 80 shows and not one person has ever told me to my face or via the phone that they thought Premier’s jewelry was junk. Not once have I had to give a refund because they complained about the quality. To each their own I guess.

  17. Anne;

    What price increases? The new jewelry comes out this week. Rally starts today -wish I could be there!!


    Yes, you can find lower priced jewelry at a store. However, you would never get the service and fashion info that you get at a Premier Designs Jewelry show. We work hard to stay updated; and we are trained on a regular basis.

    We can show you umpteen ways to wear just a few pieces so it looks like you have lots and lots. Our return policy is excellent. We will work with you personally to get your jewelry challenge taken care of. Try to get that at Target.

    Yes, multi-level marketing products are generally a little higher than at department stores, but you are getting a lot of service and care. I know how hard I work to make my gals happy and I’m sure the majority of PD jewelers work just as hard.

    I’m sorry you have had an an unpleasant experience with our jewelry. If you are sincere, any jeweler on this board would be happy to work with you to your complete satisfaction.

    I believe mose unhappy customers want to be taken care of. In some cases, though, some customers will complain no matter how hard you work to make them happy. I believe you are the former.

  18. Lily – I love your response! You go girl!

  19. Got it – thanks Lilly! See you on FB.

  20. You have a point Kristen! I’ve learned that negative people are really people that are not happy in their life for whatever reason. My prayers go out for those people.

  21. @ Lilly…I could not have said it any better. Thanks for your comment.

    @ Kim – I along with so many other jewelers have been blessed by this business. I have high retail and satisfied customers. The business must not be as bad as you so rudely stated.

  22. If anyone went to Rally, please tell us how it was. Details, details, details, please!

    I just know the new jewelry is awesome!

  23. Kim,
    I understand what you are saying about the prices from a consumer’s viewpoint. I consider myself as being cheap or frugal, and as a consumer I looked at these prices as being high, but as a jewelry lady I now see the other side as well. Women that cannot afford the jewelry can get it free or discounted, but those that can afford it make the purchases to help out their friend. They are supporting their friend and supporting a local business at the same time. As far as the biblical founding, the whole reason for this business was to get women back in their homes with their children, provided that’s where they want to be, and get them out of those 40 hour work weeks where they hardly ever see their children and/or a nanny is raising their children. I do not see it as a scam in any way. The jewelry show guests are not tricked into buying jewelry. They like the jewelry that they buy, otherwise they can exchange for something else. And as Helen said, just a couple pieces of jewelry can be worn many different ways. I’m not sure if the department store jewelry can be, but even so if I go to a department store and make a purchase, I could never say that I was helping a friend in doing so. That money is going to some guy sitting behind a desk in my opinion. I’d much rather support a local woman in my community than I would Wal-Mart, or any other chain store. As far as getting bookings or not getting bookings, I think it is a matter of whether or not the jewelry lady is getting on the telephone and asking for them. I am guilty myself of typing something on my facebook status about booking a show, expecting to get results. It’s the personal communication that I think makes the difference. Anyone can send a text or email, but to actually pick up the phone and call that person (which takes guts sometimes!) that makes a difference.

  24. Anne,
    I’m new to this website and haven’t read thru all the comments, but I noticed what you said about not gettings bookings…just thought I would ask you if you are confident in your business and the jewelry? If you seem unsure about what you are offering, these ladies may be picking up on that.

  25. As I am showing combos, I always say, “Ladies, you can do this with the jewelry you already have, too. Dump out what you have on your bed and start playing. ”

    I want them to feel that their previous choices in jewelry are great – this is a way to incorporate Premier. Often, they are tired of their old pieces and are excited to get new stuff. Think about it. Who wants to wear the same clothes for 15 years. I get excited when I purchase something new to wear (can’t help but think what jewelry I’ll wear with it!)

    If they feel they already have too much jewelry, I ask them if they ever donate clothing or household items to a local community center. Of course, everyone has done that. Well, maybe they could donate their gently used jewelry to a women’s shelter and give them some joy. They love the idea. It’s O.K., to update our jewelry and accessories. We feel better if we don’t throw away usable items.

    Anyway, I have the new catalog and, of course, I want ALL the new pieces, but, alas, I must be senisible. Don’t you just hate being sensible when it comes to our new fabulous jewelry? I want to put it all in a bathtub and jump in!!

    Question: has anyone else noticed in the new catalogs, the metal for each piece is no longer listed except for some of the rings? Does anyone know why?

  26. oops! I forgot to mention I also tell my guests to be sure to get a tax receipt when they donate their jewelry. Hey, it never hurts to have write-offs.

  27. Helen,
    I noticed the absence of the descriptions as well. Based on what I see, here is what I THINK they have done…they left out the descriptions that say “silver plating, gold plating, bronze plating, etc.” perhaps to make the pages look cleaner and less messy.? If you look closely, though, you will see they still describe whether the turquoise if faux or genuine. They also describe genuine tiger’s eye. So I guess they are describing mostly the genuine stuff and assuming that we are capable of figuring out that the rest is plated, and we can tell by looking what’s it’s plated with.

  28. #Helen – I did notice that the metals were no longer listed. I don’t know why.

    @Angela – I appreciate your input about the possibilty that my confidence in my business/jewelry is coming across to my audience.

  29. I noticed the descriptions as well and even saw a necklace that said, “sterling silver.” Interesting.

  30. @Helen go to Premier website it all there even the new fashion show, it was awesome.
    Also the metal descriptions can still be found on premier website under product information, price list and sort by your preference, this was
    mention on Jammie and jewelry confrence call.

  31. Celia;

    Thanks for the info, but do you know why it was removed in the first place? I really liked that it explained to the guests what they were paying for. Is it the new trend?

    I will print out the lists to keep at my shows in case I am asked.


    You are right! If we don’t believe in this business, it will show.

    I’d still like to hear about rally from someone who attended. Anyone?

  32. Lilly;

    We have a sterling neclace?

  33. @ Helen – There are one or two sterling necklaces and rings.

  34. Yes and I can’t remember the name. It’s in the catalog. It’s a silver necklace with no enhancements or anything. Almost like Silverado but with one strand and thin.

  35. So why name the one that is ‘sterling’ but not the others? I’m sure they have a good reason; I’d just really like to know what it is.

    I take great pride in telling the guests our pieces are heavily plated beyond the industry standard with gold, silver, rhodium, brass, etc.

    I wonder if we have any pieces that are not plated with precious metals???

    Think I’ll call Premier today and get the scoop.

    Anyway, tonight I get to see the new line. Yea!!!

  36. Hey guys! Can you check out my new blog? I know that the responses take a really long time with this one but I am working on a new blog and I want to promote Premier Jewelry and hopefully, you guys can utilize this one to help new jewelers.

    That is the post I did about premier asking for more help and more clarification about the products and company — can someone post and explain it to get the ball rolling???

    Thanks guys!

    Heather AKA

  37. Heather;

    Are you the author of this current blog? I’m excited to see and post on the new blog, but what’s wrong with this one? I love them both!

  38. Hey — I am not actually, I don’t own the blog (I wish I did), I just come in to approve the comments so that you guys aren’t waiting forever. With the other blog, I am actually getting paid to manage it (which is why I blog in the first place :))) so that’s the reason for the switch. If you do want to keep utilizing this blog, no problems at all! But the comments will be slower as I do not log into it all that often and I think the owner may have deserted it a while ago.

  39. @ Helen, I know you aren’t a facebook fan yet, but there is a premier group page that is private and you need to be accepted by the administrator. It’s great though because you can write your comments and get answers within minutes. Plus, you don’t have to read the comments we get on here from people that like to bash Premier. Just a suggestion. Check it out when you get a chance.

  40. I have been to 2 Premiere jewelry shows, 1]for my daughter,1] a friend. Those Jeweler gals work pretty hard at what they do to sell their jewelry. But who designs your jewelry, and are they Christians as well? Your “Bl-ng” seems to be quite popular with the young women;and nobody likes to be “bashed”, but you just can’t mix the two, Christianity and selling jewelry!!! The gal had so much on, she could have been Salome dancing for Herod! Hey, the more jewelry ya put on, the more Jezebels ya got!!! Let’s get honest. Stop promoting Premiere Designs for Christian missionaries. There is nothing Christian about “Bl-ng”.

  41. @ Marilou. I had a whole paragraph in response to your comment, but then I deleted it and realized that I just wasted 15 minutes of my life trying to explain the company when all I really have to do is suggest that you refer to our website and perhaps call Premier directly and voice your concern about their business practice and why some jewelers wear so much jewelry. Just saying.

    @ to my fellow jewelers. I think it might be time for you to check out the other blog that’s listed on this site or perhaps the facebook page that is dedicated to helping other jewelers with their business and not having to deal with negative comments that appear of this one. I started reading this 2 years ago when I first started and really enjoyed the positive feedback that I read on a daily basis. But now, I find comments few and far between. Hope to see some of you on the other pages.

  42. Lilly

    Before you leave, please check out the link Heather has put up a few comments up. I think it’s going to be better – she says she will be monitoring it more often.

    Hate to see anyone leave. It really is good when our comments get posted.

  43. I am definitely monitoring the comments better there, as that is my current job. :) I hope to see you all at the new website!!!

  44. Heather;

    You may want to consider scrubbing this site or at least the posts for 2009. I’d love to see the jewelers flock to your new site. Maybe leave up the instructions/web address to get to your new site????

    O.K., going to bare my tech-less soul here for a sec: what should I be typing into GOOGLE to get to this site? I’ve always just typed in ‘Premier Designs Jewelry Blog’ to get here; but when I type in ‘Premier Designs Jewelry-Whats The Deal’ I get nothing. Help???

    No laughing allowed.

    See you on the new site:)

  45. ok so ive been a premier designs jewelry lady for about two weeks now, no one came to my training show dispite my efforts to get people to come, and the only reaosn it was a training show is because my mom and my friend who live out of state ordered something.
    i cant get ANY shows!

    I had one but tht is because my Jewelry Grandma gave it to me because an emergancy came up.

    Im really struggling here! everyone i talk to asks if we have a website, and we arent suppose to, yet i see people on facebook and with websites everywhere!

    I just dont know what to do anymore…

  46. Nina;

    Click on the above link for the new jewelry site. I’ll address your concerns over there.

    See ya! and hang tough, O.K., Kiddo?

  47. Hi, Jewelers;

    Haven’t talked to anyone on this site for quite a while. The new site listed above is no longer taking comments.

    Care to start this one again? Anyone? Today is 01/04/2012.

    I’m looking forward to the new Spring line. Anyone going to Regional?

  48. Heather;

    Shall we try to get this site going again? We’re not making any headway on your new site.

    Would love to hear from other jewelers. Going to Regional? Anyone pre-order the whole or half line?

    New combo ideas?


  49. Heather;

    Thanks for putting my posts up. Now I guess we wait and see.

    Today is January 12, 2012.

    Getting ready to leave for Regional Rally in a few minutes. Can’t wait. Will see the new jewelry tomorrow – woo-hoo!!!

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