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Apr 3 10

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas: 7

by Heather

donts 7Maggie Gyllenhaal is a fashion faux pas.  In general, she does not dress well at all.  It is just something that happens.  A lot of her outfits are generally bad and overall, her fashion choices are just not good.

Her clothing choices are made of epic fail.


Well, okay, and I just don’t like her much.  But come on, look at this outfit.  It is just not good at all and to be quite frank, no one in the world would wear this out, much less on the red carpet!

Apr 2 10

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas: 6

by Heather

donts 6Guess what?

It is 2010.

No leg warmers unless you are a ballerina, or you are alone in your house and you need to keep your ankles warm.

Personally, I think that leg warmers should have never been invented, but this is just taking it to the extreme.  If you are a dancer, it is a different story, but really … wearing them out and about?  That is not the best fashion choice people!

Apr 1 10

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas: 5

by Heather

donts 5I’m kidding.

Sweater vests are super cool.


One thing that you will notice about sweater vests is that they are coming back … which is very, very sad.  Sweater vests should only be worn by people who are elderly, the reason?  Because they keep them warm.

If you are under the age of ninety, you should not be wearing these, at all!

Mar 31 10

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas: 4

by Heather


This is a trend that has been going around for a while — bleaching your eyebrows.  Why in the world would someone do that?

For me, I am obsessed with my brows and I would never … ever do that to them.  Want to make a fashion mistake?  This is one that takes a while to get back from.

Mar 30 10

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas: 3

by Heather

dont 3Capri pants.

Ladies, trust me.  I speak from personal experience.

It does not matter how slender you are.

It does not matter how long your legs are.

It does matter how short your legs are.

It does not matter how shapely your legs are.

Capri pants will make your legs look like this, no matter what.

This lady has decent legs — but NOT IN CAPRI PANTS.

Be smart.

Mar 29 10

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas: 2

by Heather

dont 2No, my beef is not with the lovely ladies of Designing Women.

It is with their shoulder pads.

Because inexplicably, this bane of 1980s and early 1990s fashion has been creeping back into fashion.


Mar 28 10

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas: 1

by Heather


Fanny packs are abominations.

I admit, I used to wear one … when I was six. I would rather see a guy wearing a murse than having a fanny pack strapped around his waist.

And girls?  They make our butts look big, the end.

And yes, this upcoming series is all about me ranting because as the weather warms up and people come out of hibernation, I am getting heartily tired of seeing some things already.

Feel free to pitch in with your own most hated fashion trends!

Mar 20 10

Spring/Summer Color Trends: 7

by Heather

tobacco-color-trend-spring-summer-2010While we are on the topic of brown, let’s explore another brown that is extremely popular but only seems to have a few fans and that is tobacco.  This color is actually pretty interesting looking however it seems to be popping up in all of the stores as well as the runway.

Personally, I think that using tobacco as a color is … terrible.  I do not think that this color looks great on anyone and even these models look terrible in it and I think that they just need to nix this particular color.  It does not even look springy!

However – tobacco is another hot color this season and it is constantly showing up on the runway.

Mar 19 10

Spring/Summer Color Trends: 6

by Heather

brown-color-trend-spring-summer-2010Brown is another color that is going to be huge this spring and while it might seem like the color is super depressing, it is actually a color that can make you look absolutely amazing.  Not only does it have some incredible properties to it, but it is one color that looks great on anyone.

Whether you are short, tall, slim or wider, I can promise that chocolate brown is one of those colors that can make you look and feel awesome and that is one of the major reasons why it has become so, so, so popular lately.

Last blog on color trends is coming up, make sure you stay tuned for the final color trend I have in my back pocket!

Mar 18 10

Spring/Summer Color Trends: 5

by Heather

ash-color-trend-spring-summer-2010Now that we have talked about the bright color trends, let’s go ahead and move onto a color that is not only easy to wear, but it is a color that is absolutely easy to accessorize as well and that is ash.  Ash is actually just a little bit off white and almost looks like a dirty white, but it isn’t.

It is popular in lace most of the time, but nowadays, designers are actually making all sorts of things out of this particular color and I love it.  You can really make it into anything you want; you can dress ash up or dress it down.

It is perfect for any occasion; it really just depends on exactly what style you are wearing!