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Beauty tips: Reinventing the red lips

by Daphne on December 21st, 2011

If the eyes talk, the red lips know how to make a statement. Here are some red lip tips for this season:

Dip dyed red lips

With this look you want to achieve a gradient effect. You can do this by lining and filling the lips with deep red pencil and using a brush to apply lipstick in deep burgundy to the entire pout. You then have to use a true red shade lipstick for the center of the lips. Complete the look with some gloss which will also help blending the tones.

Kissed off red lips

This is a very sexy way to do, appearing as if you are just fresh from some lip locking and flirting action. You can get this look using a lipstick in red wine hue and then fading it out using your fingertips. This will lead to an effortless sensuous look just like after some kissing. This is also ideal for women who are not very comfortable of cosmetics on their lips or who just cannot get used to lipstick.

Scarlet Sparkle red lips

Like other things, lips look great when they come with some glitter. If you want this shimmery lip, you need to line the lips with some deep red lip liner and then fill it up with lipstick in cherry red. Then dab some red glitter on the center of the pout going outwards. Seal everything up with a lip gloss to add some shine.

Two-tone red lips

Every soul in the room will talk about you after seeing your two-tone lips. You just need to pick two similar shades like a cool red lipstick paired with bright fuchsia. Swipe the dark lipstick on your lower lip and then use the brighter one on the upper lip. Make sure that the tones do not blotch into one another to keep the look clean. Put some transparent powder after filling up the lips to finish the look.

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  1. finally after black thare is a colour…the red is so about love and favourit lip colour.

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